About GEN!US

Gen!us is a non-profit association that works to increase gender awareness at Linköping University. We collaborate with other associations, work with social and educated events and act as a platform for conversations about gender. Through discussions, meetings, workshops and lectures, we hope to achieve a renewal of outdated traditions in order to counteract discrimination and exclusion. The association works on the basis of a feminist values ​​and is politically independent.

The association’s statutes can be found  here.


We on the Gen!us Board 2021/2022 are:

Caroline Lööf

Bianca Ferrante 
Head of Events

Fereshteh Toukhi
Head of Events

Clara Unger 
Head of Workshops and Educations

If you want to become a member of Gen!us and support our business, make a payment of SEK 50 to PG 770441-4 and mark the payment with your LiU ID and send an email with your name to us at geniusstyrelse@gmail.com.