Gen! Us is a non-profit association that works to increase gender awareness at Linköping University. We collaborate with other associations, work with social and educated events and act as a platform for conversations about gender. Through discussions, meetings, workshops and lectures, we hope to achieve a renewal of outdated traditions in order to counteract discrimination and exclusion. The association works on the basis of a feminist values ​​and is politically independent.

The association’s statutes can be found  here.



We on Gen! U’s board are:

Vanessa Noack 

Rojan Karakaya 
Vice President

Rojan Karakaya 

Maria Kousoula
Workshop and Education

Julia Alsterberg 
Social media

If you want to become a member of Gen! Us and support our business, make a payment of SEK 50 to PG 770441-4 and mark the payment with your LiU ID and send an email with your name to us at

If you want to join and support our cause, just write your name and send an email to us (